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What Are The Types of Pick-by-Light Systems for Warehouses

Mar 29, 2022

When you are planning to buy one of the best warehouse management software for your business, the pick by light system is always a wise choice. Now, what exactly is it? The system uses barcodes and scanners to scan the inventory in a workplace and give each item an individual barcode. But just before you make up your mind about it, you must know about the types of pick by light system available and how does it work.

pick by light system in warehouse.png

Pick by Light system in warehouses

What Is Pick-to-Light Technology?

It is a machine that uses light to identify the product and automatically moves it to the right location. This technology has several advantages, one of which is that it uses less manpower and can help to reduce the risk of injuries. The pick-by-light system has several types of light beams, which can be used to identify products.

Now the question is how the pick by the light system works. The operator scans the shipping container to launch the order. Then illuminated light directs the operator to collect the products. After picking the necessary items the operator marks the order as completed and starts over again.

Those pick-to-light devices play a vital role in warehouse management systems. They can be used in warehouses, sorting centers, distribution centers, and customer service centers. How does the pick-by-light system help to reduce expenses or improve the performance of a company?

Benefits of Pick by Light System

The Benefits of the Pick by Light System are as follows:

· To avoid the risk of any damage to goods and packages, the pick-by-light system is used.

· The pick to light devices helps in maintaining the same standards and quality control. This helps in ensuring that all goods are packaged properly.

· This system is also a useful tool for inventory control and helps in tracking the goods.

· It helps us to find the goods in the warehouse. It helps in making the process faster and more efficient.

· So, we can save time, reduce labor costs and find the items easily.

modern pick by light system.png

Modern Pick by Light system

Components of Pick by Light System

A pick by light system consists of both hardware and software. Let’s a get deep dive into the components of such a system.

  • LED Devices

It is the primary hardware for any pick-to-light device along with many other sensors and devices. It consists of an LED light that navigates the operator to the specific inventory or item. It also has a button that the operator can push to confirm that the order is completed.

The light devices have also many other features like the operator can adjust the inventory level, over and under picking at the same point. This high customization makes it a comfortable and quickest way to manage any warehouse.

3 color LED light.png

MinewTag's 3-color LED light

  • Other Material

This includes other hardware that is necessary for the installation of the pick-by-light system. Those materials may vary depending upon the system. But it may include the following:

Bus or duct-based light devices: Those devices are more cost-saving and offered by many pick by light suppliers. These devices also provide more flexibility and self-sufficiency.

It also includes various cables, ducts, mounts, and other communication systems.

  • Software

The light-directed pick process consists of a series of steps. The order of these steps is determined by the pick-by-light software that you use. For example, a picker may want to pick at least one item per minute and may want to pick items that are of different sizes. To meet those requirements, the picker must use the right software.


What are the types of Pick by Light systems?

Types of Pick by Light System

Warehouses are increasingly becoming smarter, thanks to the ever-growing use of automated pick-by-light systems. This technology helps reduce errors and speed up the warehouse process by automating the task of sorting and picking inventory.

By doing so, it eliminates the need for human workers, which in turn, saves on costs and boosts efficiency. There are some following types of pick by the light system.

  • Traditional Pick-by-Light Systems

The traditional pick by light systems increased productivity but those are not as faster as the growing businesses need today. Such a system might be 50%-60% faster than paper but businesses in today’s world need a much faster system for warehouse management.


  • Modern Pick-by-Light Technology

As technology is growing and the internet is spreading in every sector. It made warehouse management smoother and faster. Wireless devices are attached to racks and bins throughout the warehouse and signals are sent from the system to navigate the operator.

Those devices are loaded with tons of options like the name of the item picker, the code, the name and quantity of the SKU, and many other details along with custom colors and different light. MinewTag’s labels provide high customization and different lights.

MinewTag's smart shelving system.png

How MinewTag's pick-by-light system works

  • Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic shelf labels are a great way to keep track of the items in your pantry, grocery store, or any other type of store. They are also a great way to remember what you need and where you last put it.

Electronic Shelf labels have a blinking light that directs the pickers to collect the item. The blinking light helps and improves the process by 40% to 50%. The picker has a device that shows the picker relevant information like the quantity, name, description, and SKU details. By such, those E-labels can also help locate racks and bins in warehouses.

MinewTag offers Electronic Shelf Labels that use modern technology like Bluetooth 5.0 and ESL cloud platform that provides stable and reliable warehouse management. MinewTag Electronic Shelf Label provides e-paper displays in three different colors (Red, Yellow, Black, and White).

The blinking light mechanism provides a faster item picking experience. You will be amazed to know that MinewTag’s Electronic Shelf Labels update every 2 seconds and keep your store updated.


They are an essential tool for warehouses because they help to reduce the time it takes to find a product and to get it to a customer quickly. They are also a great way to improve safety in warehouses by preventing people from getting hurt. We highly recommend the MinewTag Electronic Shelf Label, as it is the best solution out there!