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How to Make Your Store More Attractive?

May 19, 2022

In-store retail is transforming as more retailers experiment with immersive environments and new technologies to attract customers. This trend has been driven by younger shoppers who consider making stores more attractive and in-person shopping experiences more immersive than online shopping. These shoppers are interested in new technologies and interactive environments that offer various benefits, such as an opportunity to touch products before making a purchase.

Retailers can leverage this trend by providing unique, immersive experiences that encourage customers to interact with products during critical decision-making stages of their purchase journey.

A digital display allows customers to learn more about your brand while they shop, and they're likely to like it if they have the chance to touch and interact with your product in person.

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How to make your store attractive

Technology Expands The Scope of Online Commerce

There are many ways to bring consumers closer to your brand and make it possible for them to shop where they want. Technology expands the scope of business beyond retail stores to e-commerce. Creating an engaging experience is paramount when there's so much competition in every industry.

Based on a study by Walker Sands, here are the following experiences that US consumers wanted from brands to how to make your shop look attractive:




the store offered them a drink or snack


the retail store offered more personalized experiences


special events and entertainment


kid’s activities while they shop


better in-store mobile experience

Augmented Reality (AR)

In-store shopping is no longer the most popular way to buy products. Today's shoppers demand a more personalized, engaging, and frictionless experience that technology can deliver. It's therefore essential for retailers to embrace the digital revolution if they want to keep up with their audience.

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Argumented reality

There are numerous ways to make stores more attractive and enhance the experience of customers who shop at your physical store. Here are some of the best tips:

  1. Interactive product displays

  2. Wearable technology

In an increasingly digital world, it's essential to strike the right balance between online and offline shopping experiences. By integrating digital technologies into physical spaces, retailers can offer customers an enhanced experience that makes them feel like they're at the forefront of innovation. This starts with having a clear idea of what you want your customers to feel in your store, whether that's entertainment, inspiration, or a sense of community, and how you can achieve this through technology.


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Smart mirror in stores

Smart Mirrors Provide A Superior Fitting

While online shopping may be convenient, some customers prefer to see a product in person before making a purchase. Going to the store usually means having to browse through racks of clothing and trying various combos.

But what if a customer could flip through outfits in a mirror, letting them try on multiple looks without wasting time trying to find different things in the store? Enter smart mirrors. With the ability to predict which styles work for a customer without requiring them to physically put clothes on, this technology could save retailers millions of dollars by optimizing fitting room use and saving them from carrying excess inventory.

A smart mirror is a display device that can be used in retail. It shows information about a product and allows users to try on clothes by projecting an image of themselves onto the surface of the mirror. Smart mirrors can be used to sell products directly from your store, but they also provide other benefits such as providing customers with access to information about your brand and products.

Hence, providing suggestions but with a highly personalized twist compared to online shopping. Getting a customer to enter the fitting room is a critical part of making sales in retail clothing. According to Paco Underhill, a retail consultant, while retail stores only generate sales to about 36% of the shoppers who browse their stores, 71% of customers who buy something at a store say they were influenced by in-store displays.  


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Digital signage in stores

Digital signage

Since the emergence of online shopping, physical stores have been trying to compete to make stores more attractive. However, it is essential not to forget that e-commerce platforms can't yet match the customer experience that a physical store can provide.

As a result, more and more retailers are trying to turn their stores into interactive experiences.

Digital signage effectively increases interaction with customers through digital signs and screens that can relay relevant information. This technology offers a variety of options for displays, creating a real difference for customers. For example, 68% of customers note that digital signage may convince them to buy advertised products. Furthermore, 40% stated digital signage might influence them to buy the advertised product instead of a product they already have in mind.

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Digital signage in stores

Electronic shelf labels (ESL)

Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are another way to make the shopping experience more interactive. MinewTag provides electronic price tags that can be used as electronic shelf labels. ESL online shops come with easy-to-use software and robust hardware to provide customers with the latest prices and promotions.

Electronic shelf labels provide interactive signage. MinewTag provides EPL displays as big as 11.6 inches. These large-size online shopping ESL can display more information to customers, such as QR codes. By scanning the QR code with a smartphone, customers can be directed to the product's website and peruse it at their leisure. 

Benefit of ESL

  • You can save up to 30% in labor expenses when using an ESL system

  • Using ESL online shops also promotes higher employee morale.

  • Instead of re-pricing manually, the employee is freed up for more critical tasks related to store operations.

  • In addition, the signs can display images with relevant information about special sales or new products. 

  • The dynamic signs allow for real-time pricing changes and promotions via a wireless network.

  • Online shopping ESLs can be changed instantly, which is highly convenient for businesses, as they don't have to keep track of unnecessary paperwork.

MinewTag offers the latest ESL to help you implement store management and higher customer satisfaction. MinewTag's ESL uses Bluetooth 5.0 with an ESL cloud that can keep your store updated.