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The Transformation Electronic Shelf Labels Bring to Modern Temples

Dec 09, 2022

Industries are changing as a result of the world is becoming more and more digital to adapt to newer workflows and processes. The retail industry is one of these sectors but nowadays modern Buddhist temples are also in the queue.

Even though this technology is not brand-new, more and more modern temples are starting to use it. But what electronic shelf label is and why they are in demand for spirit tablets in temples? Let’s uncover these facts in this article. Here, we go!


Buddhist temples

What is an Electronic Shelf Label?

Digital Smart Labels, another name for electronic shelf labels, are tiny micro-e-paper displays that fasten to the shelf edge. The label's information can be quickly and remotely updated thanks to the e-paper display. Prices on the shelves can be instantaneously and automatically altered from any location.

But, in what ways it can be used in a smart temple?

Well, using ESL in a modern temple is completely a new concept. But, it is great to see, pupils are accepting it at a wider pace as Spirit tablets. In short, ESL is used as spirit tablets in temples. For example, see the given picture.



Spirit tablets

How Electronic Shelf Labels Work as Spirit Tablets?

Basically, electronic shelf labels are carefully designed that makes this system incredibly simple to use. The labels simply integrate into the other management software, which is controlled by the command center, allowing you to manage the changes.

When it comes to spirit tablets, it is important to understand what spirit tablets first.

A plaque used to mark the location of a god or former ancestor as well as to enclose it is known as a spirit tablet, memorial tablet, or ancestral tablet. The tablet is typically etched with the name of the god or a former ancestor.

The spirit tablet, which has its roots in ancient Chinese culture, is a familiar sight in many countries of the Sinosphere where any type of ancestor veneration is practiced. Spirit tablets are customary ceremonial items that may be found all over Mainland China and Taiwan in temples, shrines, and domestic altars.


Red spirit tablet

The Use of ESL in Temple Modern Spirit Tablets:

  • One honoring the Jade Emperor is located near the main door and is at or near eye level, used to read “HEAVENLY OFFICAL BLESSINGS”

  • If houses have tablets they used to read “DOOR OFFICIAL BLESSINGS” dedicated to door gods.

  • If tablets are on the front door, used to read “THE GOD OF FORTUNE AT THE GATE”

  • If it is in the kitchen, dedicated to Zao Jun.

  • If it is dedicated to the landlord god, used to read “FIVE PARTY FIVE EARTH DRAGON GOD”


If folks start using ESL in a modern Buddhist temple and their houses, they will find long-lasting tablets that always shine and keep them connected with God. So, what are you thinking right now?  If you’re ready for temple modern, check out our recommended products like DZ026 and DS035.