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How Are Electronic Labels in Wedding Venues Useful?

Dec 16, 2022

Offering locations for events is a thriving industry. Humans are social creatures who enjoy getting together with family and friends and celebrating special occasions. And because the best events need the best locations, people favor renting event spaces to give their guests a better experience. Because of their extreme demand, event planning is done two years in advance of the event. 


And, like any other industry, event venues for rent must also adapt to modern technology. So, integrating digital labels into their business practices is one way to improve event infrastructure and services. 


Moreover, if your event venue will have digital labels, then do you know how much your wedding event would be modernized and unique? If you don't know, then this article is for you that will explain the different uses of digital labels in wedding venues.


So, let’s see the uses!



Wedding venue

#Use 1: Use of Digital Labels on Buffet Food

The selection of food at the buffet is decided by the preferences of the celebrators and celebrants, so the buffet menus at event venues are constantly changing. Because of this, using paper labels necessitates printing food labels repeatedly each time there is a new event, which is both time and paper-consuming.


By switching to digital labels, event venues will be able to digitally alter the labels on their buffet food using a single central server. 


#Use 2: Use of Electronic Labels on Tables

Table signs are essential for wedding parties to ensure that everyone has a seat and is seated in it. Paper table signs only use the front side of the frame, so they can only display the menu or the names of the dinner seated at the table.  


A Wedding planner can display both and even more by including the complete event schedule, a message from the celebrator, and the contact information for the event venues in case one or more guests expressed interest in using it for additional gatherings in the future.



Well-planned wedding

#Use 3: Use of Room Labels

The majority of event venues offer conference rooms, meeting rooms, and changing rooms for brides, grooms, and guests. In many cases, engraved metal plates would be used to identify the rooms. 


However, labels with advanced technology that can display more information than just the room names are modern and sleek, which are preferable to those with elegant designs.


So, which Digital Labels are the best to Use?

Being an event planner, if you want to improve your event services then using our Electronic Shelf Labels is the best option. These labels help in saving wedding planner costs.



· Event attendees can navigate from the menu page to the seating list page and finally to the program page.

· Re-labeling buffets wirelessly are possible.

· Food names are more legible and easier to read.



These are the different uses of digital labels in event venues. So, without a second thought, start incorporating Electronic Shelf Labels into your event venues and make your wedding modern.