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Smart Christmas Tips for Retailers That You Can't Ignore

Jan 05, 2023

Without a doubt, it appears as though the holiday shopping season is rapidly approaching. There is much to organize, from stocking up on supplies to making sure your personnel and systems are ready. Check out our Christmas tips to make sure you're prepared for when shoppers descend upon the Christmas sale in your store.



Christmas sale in retail stores

3 Smart Tips to Grow Retail Christmas Sale 2022

1. Keep Eye on Your Inventory

If you're selling both online and offline, an inventory check is a must. Therefore, your online stock availability will likewise show this decrease in inventory if you sell products from your Bondi location. Not only does this help to avoid overstocks and understocks, but it also ensures that you don't run the danger of having a customer become irate or dissatisfied if you can't actually fulfill the order.


2. Make Sure Your Sales Staff is Highly-trained

A straightforward offer to upsell or cross-sell might considerably enhance margins on every Christmas sale if the consumer has already made the effort to visit your store and take the time to choose a product.


Organizing and teaching new employees about potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities across their various stores takes up a lot of time for retailers, especially during the holiday season when casual labor is employed. Your workers will have the tools they need to be effective throughout the busy Christmas Clearance sale season.


3. Play with Gift Cards 

Because everyone is familiar with someone who has everything, gift cards are extremely popular throughout the Christmas sale 2022! Additionally, make sure your in-store systems are simple to use so that you can concentrate on making the most of the busy season for you and your company.


Do you already have your plans in place for the holiday rush? How successfully will your company's systems support these tactics? Try the ESL system to make the process easy during and after Christmas sales.



Christmas sale label

How ESL Makes Your Christmas Clearance Sale Profitable?

Electronic shelf label (ESL) is a perfect retail management tool where retailers can simply modify and keep track of their data across several store channels from a single location.


Essentially, an ESL is a digital equivalent of a paper shelf label. They are positioned on the outer edges of shelves in retail establishments so that customers may readily interact with the ESL and gain access to product information.


ESLs also assist in streamlining workflow by reducing labor and time. With electronic shelf labels, staff members can identify products, update product information, and do much more. The fundamental reason for this is that each ESL is linked to a centralized system that handles and records the data it transmits and receives. Look at the image given below-


Benefits of ESL in Retail

  • Reduces overall cost

  • Real-time pricing

  • Eco-friendly system

  • Improves brand value

  • Quickly updates

  • Centralized management



If you want to improve Christmas sales in 2022, then follow these Christmas tips and optimize your retail management system with ESL.