Digital Materials Management
"Adapting to the information age is also one of the important tasks for us to consolidate the foundation of the enterprise."
-John Wilson, Data Analysts

Digital Materials Management Helps CNPC Reduce Cost and Manage Inventory


For large oil companies, to ensure a steady supply of materials, they need to purchase, maintain, and update material and equipment continuously. In the process of commodity circulation, there are huge hidden consumption costs. Smart materials management has become one of the most concerning areas of warehousing.


For the digital storage asset project of Henan Branch of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) West-to-East Gas Transmission, Minewtag has been selected for long-term project acceptance and implementation. Minewtag's smart asset management solution connects the core links of supply, platform asset management and consumption. It has been continuously praised for helping this big oil company improve the accuracy of demand matching through the analysis of demand implementation.

1. Simplifying management

The Minewtag warehousing system takes the electronic label warehousing card as the entry point, manage and control the entire process of each single property through the digital platform, and hence enhance the intelligence of material management. Administrators only need to scan the QR code on the screen, all important information at a glance, by which the property management becomes simple and easy to operate.

2. Improve procurement rationality

In the past, we inquired about hundreds or even thousands of material order contracts in the ERP system one by one. Now the system will push the arrival notification in advance before the property is put into the warehouse. There is enough time to execute the receipt for each order and put it into storage. 

3. Monitoring the environment

The intelligent data management and query provided by the Minewtag cloud platform and the open API interface can be connected with the management systems of various enterprises to help enterprises realize the digitalization of warehouse management.


After the successful implementation of the warehousing plan, Minewtag will continue to realize the intelligentalization of people, property, and management processes, promote the digital transformation of traditional enterprises, improve the efficiency of internal operations, boost industry chain collaboration, and enable business innovation much easier.

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