Real-time Price Management for a Better Retail Experience
Smart retail is now and the future. The widespread proliferation of the IoT combined with marketing is one of the critical success factors for retailers. Electronic shelf label (ESL) has converged all kinds of wireless technologies, which innovate and accelerate smart retail.
- Melinda

Minew’s ESL helps lots of supermarket automate the price management, optimize the store operation and enhance the shoppers’ engagement, with a lower cost and eco-friendly.


Located in Shenzhen, the supermarket occupies 6000 square meters in the MH MALL, with nearly 15,000 commodities including almost 4,000 imported goods. To improve the work efficiency, reduce the wrong rate of operation, and create a comfortable shopping environment, the ESL solution achieves these all in one.

Better Visual Experience

With Minew’s e-ink screen, the commodity information is displayed in a 180° viewing angle to provide better readability and excellent display effect. ESLs are installed in different ways based on the application. Conventional commodities are installed on rails, in a unified and tidy way. Other commodities, such as promotional, hot sale and fresh ones, are displayed by placing on the table, fixed on an ice fixture, etc.

Faster to Update

How to present and update the information of more than tens of thousands commodities in our client’s store? All can be achieved with our Cloud Platform.

Minew ESL solution supports updating information or prices on the digital tags in batch rapidly, intelligently and accurately, which provides customers with an improved shopping experience. Whats more, Minew ESL cloud platform supports on-premise installation on their server. And the easy integration with their systems such as POS or ERP is a big strength of Minew ESL solution. After that, the price on the e-labels could be updated synchronously when the prices or information being changed in their system(s).

Easier to Operate

The Smart Retail solution provided by Minew enhanced the working efficiency and is easier to operate. The solution created a unique ID for each commodity so that the specific location of each commodity in the store can be seen at a glance on the Cloud.

Based on the location of the goods and shelves recorded on the Cloud, the nearest and most scientific picking route can be effectively calculated, and the staff can directly and accurately locate the goods for picking in an easier way.


Customized Merchandising

Minew e-ink label has RGB LED indicator, which can be used for commodity marketing and merchandising. After logging into the Cloud Platform, the administrative staff can set the LED indicator to flash for the hot sale products or commodities to attract the customers.

Minew offers services to build up ecosystem for our clients with innovation, high quality, and cost advantage. For more information or discover your own success solution, leave us a message and we will reach out to you.   

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