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Minew' s workplace optimization, also known as the Smart Office by automating workflows and enhancing employee and visitor experience to a new level of insight.
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Our partner is an airport equipment management company in Canton, the provincial capital of Guangdong, not only providing safe and high quality facilities and equipment security services for airports, but also devoting to the development of IoT technology innovation and application. The company has its own IoT system for baggage management, boarding bridges management, terminal building control, other equipment management such as elevators, central air conditioning, vehicles, multimedia displays etc. The company also provides building and electromechanical devices management, software development, IoT-based information management platform and related digital ledger and big data analysis services for the businesses within the airport. 


Meeting are held frequently in the equipment management company, which resulting in spending a lot of time designing and setting up the paper table signs in the conference room. In the event of a display error or a temporary change in information, the staff need to spend extra time redesigning and recreating the table signs. Since each time the participants and the theme of the meeting are different, the table signs generally disposed after single use.

Also, the same problem can be seen at the visitors registration.

To transform and update the antiquated conference rooms and the traditional visitors services, the company hunted for a competitive solution to reduce costs while increasing efficiency as well as capturing the opportunities of future growth.



Minew has cultivated trust in helping our client successfully build up its own smart office. Harnessing the electronic shelf labels, Minew makes it possible for the company to increase workplace productivity, safety and satisfaction, enabling employees work smarter, better and faster. By removing menial tasks and unnecessary obstacles, Minew ESL solution allows employees to focus on what really matters.    



Centralized Management

Display information can be remotely managed and controlled on the ESL Cloud Platform from Minew, and the reminder text can be highlighted for specific participants when necessary. Through ESL, the unification and particularity of the events are easily realized at the same time.

Enhanced Work Efficiency

All the ESLs connected to the Cloud can be updated and refreshed in seconds, such as logo, background image, color, the institution, position, and working status, etc.

Batch operation on the Cloud Platform enhances working efficiency. Also, our client can refresh ESL one by one on the mobile phone or handheld device such as PDA at anytime, anywhere.

Low Consumption & Eco-friendly        

Minews ESL is based on Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 and it can refresh 5 times a day with replaceable battery that can last up to 5 years. It is more cost-effective compared to paper labels. 

The paperless office is the perfect paradigm to combat global warming.


Intelligent Visitors Management

Minew offers electronic visitor registration system to get rid of the handwritten paper especially during the pandemic when people are conforming to having less contact with each other. With the AES 128 encryption technology, data transmission and management is secured in our solution.


From the lobby to the back office, Minew helps streamline reception, simplify facility management, optimize space & asset usage, ensuring our clients to run the office efficiently and productively with the smart office solution. 

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