Adapt to electronic goods
"Maybe there is no industry more suitable for using electronic price labels than the telecommunications industry."
– George Bush, Product Manager
Relying on Minewtag, corporate image has been consolidated while spreading corporate value of China Telecom.

CHALLENGE: How to consolidate corporate image and spread corporate value? China Telecom hopes that consumers can fully experience the arrival of the information age in their stores. In so many chain stores, it is also not easy to change the product information on the price tag in real time. The larger the enterprise, the more difficult it is to manage.

SOLUTION: Maybe the existence of electronic shelf label is to serve companies like China Telecom. Electronic labels are extremely coordinated with electronic products. Our Tag integrates corporate image into all aspects of the company. Our cloud platform helps China Telecom to centrally manage multiple branches and realize centralized operation and supervision.

OUTLOOK: The electronics industry gives birth to electronic shelf label, and the electronic shelf label in turn serves the electronics industry. With our Tags, people can fully experience the development of the times in the electronic store.

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Contact us to plan your exclusive solution with Minewtag
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