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Minew's Prized as Technologically-Advanced Enterprises 2021

Dec 20, 2021

Recently, the Industry and Information Technology Department of Guangdong Province has organized the selection of technologically advanced small and medium-sized enterprises of 2021. Shenzhen Minew Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as the "Technologically-Advanced Enterprises of Guangdong Province" after the whole procedure of city recommendation, expert evaluation, and soliciting opinions. 


"Technologically Advanced Enterprises" focus on refinement, specialization, and innovation and constantly enhance their core competitiveness. This selection reflects the recognition from all walks of life to Minew's R&D capability, innovation ability, and development potential. It also strengthens Minew's determination and confidence to build a new social, digital transformation pattern by relying on its technology advantages in the future. 

   minew prized technologically advanced enterprises.png

Minew was successfully selected as Technologically-Advanced Enterprises of Guangdong province 2021

1. Strategic Specialization 

Since its establishment in 2007, Minew has been adhering to the mission of "Interneting Every Object" and the vision of "leading The World Into IoT Times". With a global perspective, it has conquered many core technologies of the Internet of Things, vigorously improved the ability of independent research and development, established a dedicated development strategy, and is committed to promoting the IoT industry's rapid development.


minew workplace.png

Minew's workplace and awards

2. R&D and Manufacturing Refinement

Minew has its factory and has obtained the Certification of the Intellectual Property Management System, Quality Management System (QMS), Information Security Management System (ISMS), Environmental Management System (EMS), Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS), and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).


Its automated production lines, with high-end equipment, can meet the demand of large output, and the production standards have reached the leading domestic level. And Minew has also established a standardized customer satisfaction evaluation mechanism and product traceability system. 

minew production line and factory.png 

Minew's production line and factory

3. Competitive Products and Services


Minew provides a cloud platform and terminal products and services from IoT's perception, network, and application layers. Its products include electronic shelf labels (ESLs), IoT modules, Bluetooth beacon, AoA location beacon, gateways, sensors, and ESL cloud platform. Minew also offers specialized services involving smart ESL solutions for full scenarios and Bluetooth embedded solutions to promote our customers' digital transformation. 

At present, Minew's partners have covered 80+ countries and 2,000+ cities worldwide, including 20+ of the world's top 500 enterprises, including Huawei, Alibaba, Google, InBev, AT&T, IBM, PetroChina, China Telecom, and so on. 

esl solution use case.png

 MinewTag's ESL solution used in various scenarios

4. Innovative Solutions

Minew connects its products from point to line to build a new digital ecosystem where every object is connected. It produces multiple full-scenario solutions, including smart office, smart healthcare, smart warehouse, smart retail, and smart city, which fundamentally solve the difficulties of enterprises' digital transformation. Minew creates a closed-loop ecosystem by combining hardware with software and products with scenarios.

In the future, Minew will continue to make progress while maintaining stability, constantly seeking breakthroughs and innovations, and optimizing the industrial layout and structure. It will further strengthen talent cultivation and absorption to enhance our competitive advantage. Minew will also stick to deploying R&D strategies around the theme of smart city to drive the development of digital transformation of enterprises.