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MinewTag Won the Best Marketing Tool of CHINASHOP Golden Wings

Jan 10, 2022

Recently, MinewTag won the "Best Marketing Tool" award of CHINASHOP's Golden Wings List 2020 for its outstanding digital retail solutions.

Sponsored by CHINASHOP, The Golden Wings aims to select the best retail application cases to help the retail business' growth. This time, after many rounds of selection, MinewTag's ESL smart retail solution for the Patio Market is prized as the "Best Marketing Tool", standing out from more than 130 cases.



MinewTag Won the Best Marketing Tool of CHINASHOP Golden Wings

Let's find out the advantages of MinewTag's smart retail solution.



Located in Shenzhen, the Patio Market occupies 6000 square meters in the MH MALL, with nearly 15,000 commodities, including almost 4,000 imported goods. While providing customers with a more diversified shopping experience, the Patio Market also faces the problem of complicated and time-consuming product labeling work. In addition, it is necessary to carry out a variety of product promotions during traditional festivals such as National Day, New Year's Day, and Spring Festival, which makes employees have to spend a lot of time changing paper price tags frequently.


patio esl solution.png

The Patio Market


MinewTag provides Patio with a complete solution from price change to purchase and payment. The ESL Cloud Platform from MinewTag can be deployed in Patio's merchandise management system through API interface, which will realize the information synchronization between the POS system and the electronic price tags. With the Cloud Platform, employees can design templates individually. Product data can be transmitted at a scheduled time or immediately from the server, and the transmission will complete in a fast and secure way.


patio market use case.png

MinewTag's ESLs applied in the Patio Market

Price Change in Seconds

As mentioned above, the ESL Cloud Platform can be deployed in Patio's merchandise management system. The employee can modify the data of items through the merchandise management system, and then the display information on the price tags will immediately refresh in seconds. By such, MinewTag's electronic labels can help significantly improve the efficiency of price change and save labor costs.


esl for supermarket.png

Environmentally-friendly electronic labels

Environmentally-friendly and Sustainable Market Operation

In Patio's market, electronic tags have replaced all paper tags. They all have 5-year long battery life, and the batteries are replaceable. Let's do the math. If a supermarket has 20,000 items:

  • The overall price adjustment 40 times per year can save 80,000 pieces of A4 paper

  • 10% reduction in operating staff, 20% reduction in total operating and maintenance costs;  

  • Information update efficiency increased by more than 60%;

  • The correct rate of label display is more than 99%.


minewtag esl case.png

MinewTag's ESL solution has been used in many businesses

To Sum It Up

In addition to the Patio Market, MinewTag has helped many partners implement such digital transformation based on electronic tags. In the future, MinewTag will still keep pace with the development of The Times, actively explore the innovation and development of IoT technology in more scenarios to provide customers with more intelligent and efficient digital solutions.