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The 23rd CHTF Excellent Product Award: MinewTag's Double-sided Digital Labels

Jan 20, 2022

At the 23rd China Hi-tech Fair (CHTF) exhibition, the "double-sided digital labels" independently developed and produced by MinewTag stood out from many participating products and won the "Excellent Product Award" due to its innovation and practicality. 


With a total area of 158,500 m2, the 23rd CHTF welcomed 4164 exhibitors onsite and online from artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, Internet, car networking, 8K ultra-high-resolution, blockchain, mobile payment, big data, new energy, information security, digital economy, and other sectors. MinewTag has attended this exhibition for many times.

 chtf 2021 3.jpg

The CHTF 2021 "Excellent Product Award" Winner

Paper labels have been widely applied in conferences as essential material. However, they also bring inconvenience because you need to print, cut, and place them one by one. Unique paper table cards even need professional designing and printing, which is cumbersome and labor-wasting. Once any information changes, you'll need to repeat the whole process. With the increasing popularity of energy-saving, environment-friendly and paperless offices, replacing paper labels with digital table cards has gradually become the mainstream. 

 7.5 inch table label.jpg

Digital table labels used in meeting

In response to this market trend, MinewTag developed this double-sided digital label. The label is ideal for smart office solutions with two 7.5-inch screens that can display rich content. It can also be used in intelligent hospitals as reception cards and doctor's desk cards. This double-sided label is especially useful in smart office and smart healthcare because it has the following advantages:

  • Supporting rich and colorful content display

The two 7.5-inch e-ink screens of the label can display different content, which can be customized for different meetings. It supports Black/White/Red three-color display and custom content editing, including QR code, bar code, picture, color block, etc.

  • Realizing batch refresh in seconds via simple operation

All operations, including adding, editing, and connecting tags, can be conducted on the ESL Cloud Platform or Cloud Tag APP. Through the online platform, only a few clicks will you realize the information change of labels. Therefore, no matter how frequently meetings change, the conference information can be batch refreshed in a few seconds instead of laboriously changing paper labels one by one. 

  • Foldable, portable, convenient for storage

It's connected with the base by a rotating shaft so that you can fold it up for storage. And different from other labels, the double-sided label can stand without accessories. 

7.5-inch double-sided digital labels introduction video

  • Helping build a professional corporate image

There will be no shading on labels when taking photos in the meeting. As such, the label helps leave a progressive and professional impression on visitors.

Powered by AAA batteries, the label needs no wiring for the power supply. After replacing the battery, it can continue to use; Adopting Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, it has low transmission power consumption and 4+ year-long service life (based on refreshing five times a day).

MinewTag's double-sided digital labels have been applied in many companies' and governments' meetings, such as Guangzhou Baiyun Airport's conference room, Greater Bay Area (Shenzhen) Industrial Internet Summit, Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Big Data Forum.  


chtf 2021 2.jpg

The 23rd China Hi-tech Fair (CHTF) 2021

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