Minewtag Changes On The Way

MinewTag DZ026 Debuted with Advanced Features

Apr 13, 2022

MinewTag announced the release of a New Product -- DZ026, a 2.6" ultra-thin ESL with many advanced features. We will discuss this product in detail today! Like other MinewTag products, its display embraces black/white/red multi-color choices, delivers rich information, and satisfies customers' needs; in addition to that, it is energy-saving and environmental-friendly.

DZ026 ESL in retail.jpg

MinewTag DZ026 Debuted with Advanced Features

But what's new with DZ026?

1. Thinner and Lighter than Ever

DZ026 features a 7.8mm-thin body and 30g lightweight, making it look elegant and agile. Every gram of weight loss comes from hundreds of tweaks by our engineers.

2. 2.5D Screen Protector

Adopting a 2.5D lens increases the transparency of DZ026's screen by 30% and enhances its robustness.

3. IPX7 Certified, AES-128 Encrypted

Even after soaking in 1m deep water for 30 min, DZ026 can still work as usual; Adopting AES-128 encryption equips DZ026 with safe and secure data transmission.

Extended Applications, Revolutionary Experiences

Boasting all the powerful functions introduced above, DZ026 brings more potential to diverse applications.

compact price tags.jpg

Compact price tags in grocery stores

Retail: Perfectly Fit Compact Space While Realize Dynamic Pricing

In retail applications, the main challenges for ESLs include the diversification of commodity information display, compact commodity placement, and frequent price changes. With the small-size body, DZ026 can perfectly meet the needs of the compact placement. And our ESL solution is deployed with the ESL Cloud Platform & CloudTag APP, which can remotely realize dynamic price changes in seconds through a few clicks. It also adopts a 2.5D screen protector glass, which has a more transparent display effect on the purchasing experience.

In addition to those advantages that can solve the pain points of retail stores, DZ026 has many additional highlights:

  • The design of the 7.8mm-thin body makes DZ026 a perfect substitute for paper labels, which can save more display space than previous electronic labels, and compared with traditional paper labels, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

  • The 2.5D lens makes the DZ026 display clearer and effectively protects its e-ink screen with a better anti-collision performance.

  • DZ026 has also passed the IPX7 certification, which can be effectively waterproof, and thus suitable for the fresh sector, refrigerated cabinet, and beverage sector in the retail scene.

  • The service life of DZ026 is up to 8 years, with which you don't need to replace price labels frequently. From the perspective of long-term profit calculation, it is worth the cost.

smart sheving system in warehouse.jpg

Smart shelving system in warehouses

Warehouse: Not Fear of Collision While Achieve Pick-by-Light System

There are mountains of goods in warehouses, making it hard for staff to locate and pick items quickly. That's why the Pick-by-Light system based on ESLs has become popular in warehouse management. And we designed DZ026 to satisfy such requirements of warehouses.

DZ026 has a three-color LED light, with which the staff can set the lighting of specific goods' labels through our ESL Cloud Platform so as to achieve fast positioning of goods; the display color of LED lights can also be customized, and thus multiple staff can conduct simultaneous goods-picking according to different colors of lights.

Furthermore, the warehousing environment is complex. During various goods entering and leaving the warehouse, the labels can inevitably become worn. The DZ026 uses a 2.5D panel, which is more wear-resistant and impact-resistant than paper labels; it's also certified IPX7 level, making it last longer and can be used in a variety of complex environments.

electronic labels for pharmacies.jpg

Electronic shelf labels used in pharmacies

Parmacies: Fast Drug Picking and Reliable Shelf-life Management

In pharmacy application, fast drug picking and shelf-life management are two major pain points. In MinewTag's solution, employees can control the label to display three-color lights through the cloud platform to help pharmacy staff locate drugs and quickly pick them up. Moreover, our solution can be connected with the HIS system so that the staff can manage the imminent drugs in time, thus enhancing drug quality management and reducing the risk of patients taking expired drugs.  

electronic filing labels.jpg

E-ink filing/asset labels


Office: Advanced & Intelligent File and Asset Management

In the smart office, file and asset management plays an essential role in a company's confidentiality. DZ026 is very suitable for use as a filing label or asset card because of its compact, small-size body, unlike large-sized or thicker labels that take up more space and are expensive. In addition, it can achieve real-time updates of a large number of documents/asset information and help improve the corporate image with its elegant, agile look.

To Wrap It Up

On the one hand, DZ026 features an ultra-low power consumption and 8-year-long service life, so there is no need for repeated purchases. On the other hand, MinewTag's ESL solution supports remote, wireless operation to realize the management of all tags, which virtually reduces labor costs. All in all, DZ026 can effectively help reduce cost and improve efficiency, for which it can be considered a good ROI for long-term investment.