What' s Different?
What' s Different?

Prolong Cargo Search Time

Manually Audit Changes

Low Work Efficiency

What' s Different?

Reduce Search Time Considerably

Remotely Manage Any Shelf-Edge

Shorten Operating Circle

What is the value?
Cargo Status
Operating Cycle
Temperature & Humidity

Minewtag' s Smart Warehouse Solution automates all materials & supplies, and operation in the warehouse, depending on our Tags and Cloud Platform. The solution embodies our resolve to improve labor efficiency, increase warehouse storage density. Our platform helps warehouses realize information management and visualization management.

How It Works?
How It Works?

Smart Warehouse Solution manages and controls the whole process of every property through our electronic warehousing card and the Cloud Platform. Our Cloud system will push the arrival notification in advance before the property are put into the warehouse, and it is enough to carry out the receipt and put into the warehouse for each order. The intelligent data management and query provided by Minewtag Cloud Platform and the open API can be connected with the management systems of various enterprises to help enterprises realize the digitalization of warehouse management. And the temperature and humidity sensor in the solution monitors the temperature and humidity in the warehouse to ensure operation conditions.

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Contact us to plan your exclusive solution with Minewtag
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